69 Hour Broadcast – DONATE HERE

by Emma Fowlds. It’s that time of year again! This weekend LUSH Radio will be hosting our 69 Hour Broadcast: Day-to-day, LUSH normally broadcast at their leisure, from early afternoon until late evening. But not this weekend. Oh no. This weekend, LUSH will be hosting one constant radio marathon lasting a total of 69 hours. Get […]


Beef at the BAFTAs

by Brad Harper. The ever-so fine Royal Opera House was the venue to the 69th British Academy Film Awards this year, Britain’s opportunity to award all things cinematic from the past tremendously sublime year in the world of film, ranging from vexed West Coast rappers to a rather egotistical Apple CEO. With British weather in […]


The Hateful Eight Review

by Brad Harper Fatiguingly long dialogue, cringe-worthy violence and a dark sense of humour are, typically, the key conventions of a Quentin Tarantino film, a director who aims to please, upon the release of each of his films, his cult of, often, scarily eccentric followers. Considering his films take so long to be released and […]