The Hateful Eight Review

by Brad Harper Fatiguingly long dialogue, cringe-worthy violence and a dark sense of humour are, typically, the key conventions of a Quentin Tarantino film, a director who aims to please, upon the release of each of his films, his cult of, often, scarily eccentric followers. Considering his films take so long to be released and […]

Moodpost November

November Moodpost

by Dina Gladkikh When I looked at my watch on 1st of December I honestly thought there was something wrong. I can’t wait for Christmas, but the time flies so fast! Now that I’m thinking about it, I need to get a new Christmas sweater for this year (because turning up to a family event […]

Grimes Album Artwork

Grimes’ Art Angels: Get Over It

by Soraya Boam Grimes has previously been hailed as ‘The Voice of the Tumblr Generation’ which, it may be argued, isn’t a generation at all but a subsection of teen culture that feels nothing else can immortalize it’s ideas better than ethereal, dreamy electronica. Released on 6 November 2015, Grimes surprises with her latest album, […]